PBE Carillon Converters

"We are the carillon converters,
to help you convert souls."

Do you have an antiquated carillon that no longer works?
Does your community miss the sound of quarterly chimes & hourly tolls?
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Are parts no longer made for your old carillon?
Would you like your church to be heard in your community again?
We can help to convert your old carillon into a state of the art chiming and tolling system that is reliable and dependable. The cost to repair old carillons is very expensive and sometimes parts are no longer made for the older systems. We can help you restore the beautfiul sound of your old carillon for a fraction of the cost to replace it. Browse this website for more information, check out our prices, and then contact us with any questions. We are here to bring life back to your old carillon to make sure you are heard in your community!


Standard Features:

Hourly & Quarterly Chimes throughout the day
Silence from whichever hour you choose
Hands off repeatable reliability
Extremely Low Maintenance
Beautiful Sound