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What do you mean by "carillon conversion?"


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We check out your current system and re-use the speakers. Some other components can be recycled, while others need to be salvaged. New components are then installed to finalize the conversion.
What are quarterly chimes and hourly tolls?
Quarterly chimes ring the Westminster Chimes on each quarter hour. The hourly tolls mark the hour by dinging once for each hour.
How reliable is your conversion?
In a word, very. We have been running a system locally in our church for some time and it is extremely reliable, requiring very little maintenance. We even provide battery backup power to keep you up and running during power outages from electrical storms. In addition, all the components we install are solid state and very reliable.
  Where can I hear your product in person & where are you located?    

Stroudsburg United Methodist Church
547 Main Street
Stroudsburg, PA 18360

In the beautiful Pocono Mountains of northeast PA.

  How far will you travel to convert our carillon?    
  We are willing to travel almost anywhere in the United States and Canada. We do require that travel fees will be reimbursed.    
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